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It's the coolest little app I've seen in a while - Matt Jacobs

Very nicely done. Simple little app that does some cool things. If you use iChat you should give this one a try- Justin (MacUpdate User)

The simplicity of this program is great, making it appealing to beginning users that don't want to take more time to configure iChat Status - Joel Mueller (MacUpdate User)

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iModz is rated 6th place in iChatMasters TOP 50 iChat Applications

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What is iModz?

iModz is a simple and fun software that will make your chats with iChat® much more fun. And not just fun, it can help you out spread messages to friends, announce sales, parties or make everyone in your company's network know about that important meeting at 4PM!

What is so great about it?

The keyword to iModz's success during the last year is simplicity. iModz is a very simple and fun software. You don't need to configure anything, you don't need to install strange packages that would harm your computer. And it is much faster in version 1.5. Anyone can use iModz without even having to read its Help files - which we include with the application to make sure your experience is as nice as possible.

What can it do?

iModz has many features. Some of them include:

  1. Inter-app-communication: iModz communicates with Mail, Safari, iTunes, Finder and iChat to make available different informations that you would like to show in your iChat status message, such as the number of new e-mails you got in your mailbox, the current site you are visiting in Safari, the name or nickname of the person you are chatting with, and many more.
  2. You can display static or animated messages in your status, now featuring unlimited animated messages
  3. You can select the speed your messages show in your status
  4. You can send messages to friends about your activities
  5. And of course the feature you all look for: displaying iTunes songs information as a status message. iModz can display song information in two ways: Artist - Song or Song - Artist, and you can even add text to that information, such as "I am enjoying [Artist] - [Song Title] so loud!", all customizable!

Ok! How do I get it?!

iModz is an OpenSource software, which means it is not only free, but its source code is available for other programmers under the GNU/GLP license!

You can download iModz right now in English and Portuguese

DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.5 (January 3rd)

About the Developer

Fernando Lucas is a 18 year old student. Currently he is studying to get in the Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), an university located in São Paulo, Brazil. Between studying and creating software, Fernando is also a graphic and web designer, designing all his websites and software graphics.
Currently he is working in several programming projects, all for Mac OS X, being a graphics consultor and designer for Triage Software Group and managing his infolog project called Littera.

Away from the stressful work ambient, Fernando likes to listen to electronic music, draw, make music and play with his pets.

If you would like to see some of Fernando's professional and experimental work, please e-mail him at